Remember that one time when all your favorite truthers who slammed the two-party paradigm suddenly shifted to the right or left, pulling hard for the next president to save us all? When those who were universally respected throughout alternative media for their views on the system and the propaganda used by the mainstream media, turned on their followers leading them to trust in a “non-establishment” candidate coming in on the Republican ticket? The 2016 election was the Armageddon to the true truth community, forcing us to once again chose the lesser of two evils.

Weren’t we avoiding WW3 by electing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the supposed “non-establishment” candidate? POTUS surely seems to be progressing the neocon/globalist agenda, keeping Janet Yellen as chair of the FED and continuing the endless wars to achieve “peace and stability” in whatever regions we the civilized west deem incompatible with our values. The patterns have become all too recognizable since the World Trade Center towers came crashing down at nearly free fall speeds on September 11th, 2001. Now firmly entrenched in the Middle-East, having secured nearly every “rogue state” in the way of “Democracy”, the US and NATO are now totally focused on Syria, Iran, and North Korea, and thus, Russia and China. Vladimir Putin has already warned of the pending doom on several occasions voicing his disbelief with the media coverage on the world stage. Current events have laid to waste the mainstream media’s Trump and Russian collusion narrative, furthering the distrust by those who pay attention.

With every bomb Trump drops, his poll numbers continue to rise in concert with the war drums beating ever louder by the deep-state complicit mainstream media, following the same “presstitute” playbook used by the Bush and Obama administrations for the last 16 years. This latest build-up to war is shockingly similar to in years past, but we are now left with the backdrop of all-out nuclear war. Now the 20th of April, 300 troops are to be deployed back to Afghanistan, as well as soldiers returning to Somalia, the site of the Blackhawk helicopter disaster in 1993, which killed 18 special forces during the Battle of Mogadishu. The sudden interest is likely to coincide with Somalia’s new status as East Africa’s oil province.

With so much danger and strife spread throughout the world, why on earth would we kick up dust on so many old grudges? The simple and plain truth is that the New World Order needs war, preferably WW3 to occur in order to secure the complete and total domination of our planet. The time for begging politicians and bankers to save us has long since passed, the time for trusting in the rotten two-party paradigm is over, throughout the entire world within every man and woman lies the fear of the coming changes. Some fear the war, some fear for their children’s future, some fear the inevitable collapse of the dollar, others just fear the unknown. One thing is for certain, our world is changing rapidly beyond our immediate control and the stage is being set for something unprecedented. Here’s to our eternally changing…


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