North Lake College is the Site of Another Murder-Suicide

A shooter killed someone at Texas N. Lake college before committing Suicide.

  • “there appears to be no continuing threat at this time but police are continuing their search & make the campus safe,” said Irving Police officer on twitter.
  • Police were called to the community college before noon.
  • 12:47 pm Suspect & Victim confirmed dead.
  • Neither Person has been publicly identified pending notification of Family members.
  • Student Joseph Le said he heard 3 gunshots then someone shout “Leave her Alone” Shots heard appeared to be coming from inside the college
  • Staff and Student were put on lockdown at 11:43
  • Once the suspect was announced dead by police the school ended the lockdown and canceled all classes for the day
  • Bodies found in 2 separate building, the shooter killed himself shortly after 1st victim.

A lone gunman shot and killed a woman at Texas’ North Lake College before turning the gun on himself, Wednesday.

Irving PD began receiving calls at 11:33 a.m. CT. They arrived at the community college just before noon.
20-year-old Janeera Nickol Gonzalez was found dead in the commons area in the school’s Performance Hall Building, Irving Police Officer James McLellan said.
 21-year-old Adrian Victor Torres was found in a shower inside a locker room in a connected building.
Speculation is that Torres was stalking Gonzalez, but she didn’t feel he was a threat.
Student Joseph Le was quoted by CNN as saying,  “he was in a campus building when he heard three shots and a male yell, “Leave her be!”



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