Globalist Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected president of France, may be the most fabricated leader we have ever seen on the world stage. Undoubtedly an elitist creation, is it “Hope and Change” 2.0, or the second coming this time? With the full backing of the most powerful family in the world, Macron was typecast from a young age, Jesuit-schooled, Rothschild trained, and yet, the mainstream media still portray him as an “underdog”, an “outsider”, and of course, “the last great French hope”.

In the early 90’s, while attending a Jesuit high school in Amiens (northern France), Macron, 39, met his 64-year-old wife when he was merely 15. Brigitte Trogneux was Macron’s drama teacher and was also married with three children, nonetheless, the two have remained together despite the once illicit nature of the relationship. The media has painted this as a positive and evidence of Macron’s willingness to break from tradition and the ability to take chances. Macron defended his wife stating, “Nobody would call it unusual if the age difference was reversed,” he told Reuters. “People find it difficult to accept something that is sincere and unique.” Most would disagree, if the roles were reversed, the female would be considered a homewrecker and would be accused of trying to advance her career by sleeping with a married man!

Macron paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract in 2008 and left to work as an investment banker at a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque. Marcon entered the world of finance against direct warnings from friends, working for the Rothschild’s would most certainly dash any political aspirations in the future, right? With little to no experience and in a junior role, restructuring financial models on Excel, colleagues were shocked when Macron was inexplicably made partner. Shortly after, he landed a role in Nestlé’s purchase of Pfizer’s infant food operations. At every turn, Macron has been propped up by the puppet masters, pulling the strings from the shadows.

Before Macron’s selection as president, the current minister of the environment, Ségolène Royal, spoke repeatedly of her admiration for Macron. Ségolène was the defeated Socialist presidential candidate of 2007, yet she urged the party’s voters to ignore their own candidate, Benoît Hamon, and back Macron instead.

Given all this information, it should come as little to no surprise that Macron attended the infamous Bilderberg meetings in 2014. Chances are, Macron’s future was decided in those vital NEW WORLD ORDER meetings. This man was handpicked to lead France because he will do what he is told and ultimately intensify the stranglehold the elites have on the populous. Emmanuel Macron is a globalist, backed by the most powerful people in the world and the very definition of an establishment shill.

Congratulations, Mr. President.


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