Welcome to “Truth in the Booth”, your 100% Independent Alternative News source, from 16′ til infinity.

The time for reporters, journalists, columnists, and editors to be accountable has long since passed. We aim to serve the people, by putting “Investigative”, back in Investigative Journalism. TNTB isn’t governed by any Editorial or overruling body and is solely supported through direct contributions from the listeners and the readers. Opinions and subsequent biases will be directed toward any and all, false media placeholders.

We as the people live in a world dominated by the gatekeepers. Of our internet, our social interactions, the television we watch, and even the radio we listen to, are all being controlled by a select few pulling the strings. These entities and organizations control our social networks, our credit cards, our cell phone usage, even our homes are being invaded, as everything becomes “connected” and “smart”. The “smarter” our tech gets, the more directly intrusive the items and applications become. This is not an opinion. In America and around the world, intelligence agencies, like the NSA for instance, have been weaving their way into the fabric of our daily lives, like a virus, implementing “basic software” to create what is now known to be the “NSA Spy Grid”. Once considered to be a larger than life “conspiracy theory”, this is now unfortunately just the unjustified norm. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC, makeup but a few of the guilty parties. When dealing with Google, Facebook and Twitter, you can’t remotely begin to discern where one ends, and the other begins. These corporations are led and completely governed by the people who own them. Very powerful people whom the public’s perception is more valuable than any commodity. For you see my friends, the social and political elite are playing a different game then you and I. They are playing on the world stage, and to move a pawn, you must move the masses.

Edward Bernays, Godfather of “Public Relations”, who revolutionized the herding of the “sheeple”, said, “Continuous interpretation is achieved by trying to control every approach to the public mind in such a manner that the public receives the desired impression, often without being conscious of it. High-spotting, on the other hand, vividly seizes the attention of the public and fixes it upon some detail or aspect which is typical of the entire enterprise.” ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda. Control, power, authority and enslavement, these words are the basis to what drives our political and social establishments til this day.

The SPJ, “The Society of Professional Journalists”, categorized four basic guidelines to follow for journalists. Listed in the order as, “Seek Truth and Report It”, “Minimize Harm”, “Act Independently”, and “Be Accountable and Transparent”. Whether you read frequently or not, if you employ just basic critical thinking skills, or have even the slightest inkling of what’s happening in the World around you, then you already know in your soul, the mainstream media doesn’t even meet one of these four standards on a remotely consistent, or acceptable basis. Under the leadership of one Hollow The Prophet, Truth in The Booth will rely on topics like Liberty, Freedom, Corruption, Politics, Corporate Greed, Economy, Race Relations, Education, Government, Charity Monitoring, Whistleblowers, Homelessness, Veterans services, and much more. As the independent voice of the people, for the people, by the people, TNTB is here for you and yours.

With the country’s increasing volatility, the divisiveness trickling down from the political elite has hurt us all, more than ever. It is now time to focus on solutions for a better tomorrow, instead of dwelling on things that build hate, inevitably destroying our collective respect for ourselves and each other. The time is now, come together my friends. Stand tall united, or break while we’re divided.

With your reciprocity, we will continue to grow and mold ourselves into whatever void is left by the parasitic, biased, politically motivated mainstream.

We at Truth in the Booth want to hear from you. What concerns you? What would you like to learn about? What are you questioning in this moment in time?

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